Calendar of REMS Academic Presentations

Date Academic Presenting at
July 2016 Professor Byron Byrne IQPC 6th International Conference on Offshore Foundations, Bremen, Germany
June 2016 Dr Ali Mehmanparast ECF21 Conference, Catania, Italy
June 2016 Professor Feargal Brennan University of Genoa, Department of Electrical, Electronic,
Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture
June 2016 Dr Athanasios Kolios National Ocean Technology Centre, Tianjin, China
May 2016 Dr Ali Mehmanparast Metal Structures Centre, Ghent, Belgium
May 2016 Dr Athanasios Kolios Edie live, NEC Birmingham, UK
May 2016 Professor Feargal Brennan ALL Energy, Glasgow
March 2016 Professor Byron Byrne Pre Rankine Lecture Seminar Series, Imperial College London
February 2016 Professor Byron Byrne IQPC 2nd International Conference on Offshore Wind Substructures, London
February 2016 Professor Feargal Brennan Subsea Expo Conference, AECC Aberdeen
November 2015 Professor Feargal Brennan EWEA, Paris
September 2015 Professor Feargal Brennan SIMoNET Seminar - Structural Monitoring of Offshore
Wind Foundation Systems, University College London
September 2015 Professor Byron Byrne XVI ECSMGE, Edinburgh
July 2015 Professor Feargal Brennan Energy Asset Management Conference, Bremen, Germany
June 2015 Professor Byron Byrne 3rd International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics, Oslos, Norway
June 2015 Professor Byron Byrne Windpower Monthly, London
February 2015 Professor Byron Byrne IQPC Conference, Edinburgh
June 2014 Professor Byron Byrne British Geotechnical Association, London
March 2014 Professor Byron Byrne Deeper Water Offshore Wind Conference, London
January 2014 Professor Byron Byrne Australian Geomechanics Society WA, Perth, Australia
January 2014 Professor Byron Bryne International Conference n Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, Perth, Australia