Calendar of REMS Academic Presentations

Date Academic Title Presenting at
Sept 2017 Professor Byron Byrne PISA: New design methods for offshore wind turbine monopiles SUT OSIG 8th International Conference London
July 2017 Professor Byron Byrne PISA: New Design Methods for Offshore Wind Turbine Monopiles 2nd International Symposium on Coastal and Offshore Geotechnics at Zhejiang University, China
July 2017 Dr Ali Mehmanparast Characterisation of Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour in Offshore Wind Turbine Welded Structures Fatigue 2017, Cambridge, UK
July 2017 Dr Ali Mehmanparast Calculation of Stress Concentration Factors in Offshore Welded Structures using 3D Laser Scanning Technology and Finite Element Analysis Fatigue 2017, Cambridge, UK
June 2017 Dr Ali Mehmanparast An Experimental Study of Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour in Offshore Monopile Welded Structures 14th International Conference on Fracture (ICF 14), Rhodes, Greece
June 2017 Dr Athanasios Kolios Reliability-based design and operational management of next generation wind turbines ASME Turbo, Charlotte (NC), USA
June 2017 Dr Athanasios Kolios Advanced reliability assessment of offshore wind turbine monopiles by combining reliability analysis method and SHM/CM technology ISOPE 2017 International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers, San Francisco
June 2017 Professor Byron Byrne Panel Discussion on Research and Innovation DONG Energy Special Event at Offshore Wind Energy 2017
June 2017 Professor Byron Byrne PISA: New design methods for offshore wind turbine monopiles Offshore Wind Energy, London
June 2017 Professor Byron Byrne Renewable energy research British Geotechnical Association’s Annual Conference at the Institution of Civil Engineers, London
May 2017 Professor Byron Byrne Science or Art on “Next generation foundations for fixed structure offshore wind turbines" Workshop on Support Structure Optimisation, Germany
May 2017 Professor Byron Byrne PISA: New design method for offshore wind turbine monopiles Offshore Engineering Society with Professor Lidija Zdravkovic at the Institution of Civil Engineers, London
Nov 2016 Professor Byron Byrne PISA – Improved design of monopiles Supergen General Assembly at Cranfield University
October 2016 Dr Athanasios Kolios Knowledge uncertainty reduction in Risk assessment of offshore energy structures RENEW2016, 2nd International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore, Lisbon, Portugal
July 2016 Professor Byron Byrne "Monopile design: Update on research output from the PISA project" IQPC 6th International Conference on Offshore Foundations, Bremen, Germany
June 2016 Professor Feargal Brennan University of Genoa, Department of Electrical, Electronic,
Telecommunications Engineering and Naval Architecture
June 2016 Dr Athanasios Kolios State of the art and recent challenges in offshore and marine renewables National Ocean Technology Centre, Tianjin, China
May 2016 Dr Ali Mehmanparast The importance of residual stresses on the structural integrity assessment of offshore wind monopile structures Metal Structures Centre, Ghent, Belgium
May 2016 Professor Feargal Brennan Research Challenges in Operational Management of Offshore Wind Energy Assets ALL Energy, Glasgow
March 2016 Professor Byron Byrne "PISA monopile design methodology: Field testing and recommendations" Pre Rankine Lecture Seminar Series, Imperial College London
February 2016 Professor Byron Byrne "New design methodologies for monopile foundations and Helical piles for offshore wind turbines" IQPC 2nd International Conference on Offshore Wind Substructures, London
February 2016 Professor Feargal Brennan UK Higher Education Resources & Expertise in Inspection & Monitoring Subsea Expo Conference, AECC Aberdeen
November 2015 Professor Feargal Brennan Offshore Wind: Standards Certification and Litigation EWEA, Paris
September 2015 Professor Feargal Brennan "Structural Monitoring of Offshore Wind Foundation Systems" SIMoNET Seminar University College London
September 2015 Professor Byron Byrne Chairman of discussion on" Near short and offshore development, and the marine environment" XVI ECSMGE, Edinburgh
July 2015 Professor Feargal Brennan Energy Asset Management Conference, Bremen, Germany
June 2015 Professor Byron Byrne Chairman of discussion on "Suction Anchors and Caissons" 3rd International Symposium on Frontiers in Offshore Geotechnics, Oslos, Norway
June 2015 Professor Byron Byrne "Integrity and Corrosion for Offshore Wind Structures Forum” on “Monopile design: An overview of the PISA project." Windpower Monthly, London
February 2015 Professor Byron Byrne “Offshore Wind Substructures” on “PISA: Improving design methodologies for monopile foundations.” IQPC Conference, Edinburgh
June 2014 Professor Byron Byrne “PISA: Improved design methods for laterally loaded for offshore wind turbines.” British Geotechnical Association, London
March 2014 Professor Byron Byrne “Foundation design: From research to application in deeper waters, further offshore.” Deeper Water Offshore Wind Conference, London
January 2014 Professor Byron Byrne “Foundation design for offshore wind turbines”, Australian Geomechanics Society WA, Perth, Australia
January 2014 Professor Byron Bryne “Laboratory scale modelling for offshore geotechnical problems.” International Conference n Physical Modelling in Geotechnics, Perth, Australia

Calendar of REMS Student Presentations

Date Student Title Presenting at
Sept 2018 Mareike Leimeister Human-free offshore lifting solutions WindEurope Summit 2018, September 25-28, 2018, Hamburg, Germany
Oct 2017 Debora Cevasco On mooring line tension and fatigue prediction for offshore vertical axis wind turbines: a comparison of lumped-mass and quasi-static approaches” 9th European Seminar on Offshore Wind and other marine renewable Energies in Mediterranean and European Seas, Bari, Italy
Sept 2017 Scott Whyte A Practical Constitutive Model for Offshore Foundation Problems Involving Dense Sands in Partially Drained to Undrained Conditions 8th Offshore Site Investigation & Geotechnics International Conference, Society for Underwater Technology (SUT),
London, UK
Sept 2017 Debora Cevasco Development of multi-disciplinary prognostic and diagnostic model of dynamics for the O&M of an offshore bottom-fixed wind farm 13th EAWE PhD Seminar, Cranfield
Sept 2017 Mareike Leimeister Global limit states for the design of floating wind turbine support structures 13th EAWE PhD Seminar, Cranfield
Sept 2017 Iona Richards Physical modelling of monopile foundations under more realistic cyclic lateral loading 13th EAWE PhD Seminar, Cranfield
Sept 2017 Vera Mytilinou Multi-Objective Optimisation of Offshore Wind Farm Location Selection 13th EAWE PhD Seminar, Cranfield
June 2017 Debora Cevaco On the comparison of the dynamic response of an offshore floating VAWT system when adopting two different mooring system model of dynamics: quasi-static vs lumped mass approach 36th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore & Arctic Engineering, Trondheim, Norway
June 2017 Jessica Taylor Review of Crack Arrest Theory, Techniques and Applications 14th International Conference on Fracture Rhodes, Greece
Sept 2016 Trevon Joseph Floating Wind: Contributions from the geotechnical engineer Wind Europe 2016, Hamburg, Germany
Nov 2015 Trevon Joseph Cost Reduction of Offshore Wind Farms by an Integrated Approach of Ground Modelling and Geotechnics Oceanology International, Shanghai, China.
Sept 2014 Trevon Joseph EON Rampion Wind Farm: Project Development and Engineering Institution of Civil Engineers, Gatwick, UK