Journal Publications

Date Author(s) Title Publication
June 2018 M Leimeister
A Kolios
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May 2018 M Richmond
T Balaam
P Causon
D Cevasco
M Leimeister
A Kolios
F Brennan
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August 2017 V Mytilinou
A Kolios
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2017 M Scheu
A Kolios
T Fischer
F Brennan
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2017 A Ioannou
A Angus
F Brennan
Stochastic Prediction of Offshore Wind Farm LCOE through an Integrated Cost Model Energy Procedia 107C (2017) pp. 383-389
2017 A Ioannou
A Angus
F Brennan
Risk-based methods for sustainable energy system planning A review, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Volume 74, July 2017, pp 602-615.
July 2016 A Jacob,
A Mehmanparast
Sensitivity Analysis of Material Microstructure Effects on Predicted Crack Paths Using Finite Element Simulations Journal of Multiscale Modelling
July 2016 A Kolios,
V Mytilinou,
E Lozano-Minguez,
K Salonitis
A Comparative Study of Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making Methods under Stochastic Inputs Energies 2016, 9(7), 566; doi:10.3390/en9070566
2016 M Martinez Luengo
A Kolios
L Wang
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2016 L Wang
M Martinez Luengo
A Kilios
Xiongwei Liu
Structural optimisation of wind turbine towers based on finite element analysis and genetic algorithm Wind Energy Science
October 2015 V Mytilinou,
A Kolios,
G Di Lorenzo
A comparative multi-disciplinary policy review in wind energy developments in Europe International Journal of Sustainable Energy
2015 M Martinez Luengo
A Kolios
Failure Mode Identification and End of Life Scenarios of Offshore Wind Turbines A Review. Energies, 8, pp.8339-8354.